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When It Comes to Mercury Removal…



Found this on The Internets and thought it’d be appropriate to share some dental humor. (I do not claim ownership of the photo.) But here’s your friendly holistic dentist PSA: take mercury seriously!

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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Upcoming Announcements and Events

Here are a few classes, seminars, and/or meetings that I am excited to attend this spring, starting tomorrow:

Premier Research Labs by Dr. Bob Marshall
Irvine, CA
January 29-31

The Shepherd’s Conference
Grace Community Church
Sun Valley, CA
March 3-7

IAOMT Spring Meeting
Galloway, NJ
March 18-20

California Dental Association
Spring Scientific Sessions & Annual Meeting
May 14-16

I will be reporting back on some new findings really soon.

Dr. Sperbeck
Los Angeles, CA

A Testimonial (Well, One of a Short Series…)

Today we have a guest post.

Hello, Readers! I am Dr. Sperbeck’s daughter-in-law, and this last weekend I had my teeth worked on in his office for the first time (I live out of town). Wow!  The entire visit went by quickly and smoothly, and the results are great.

When I was younger, I was not as thorough as I should have been when it came to brushing and flossing regularly. My diet had never been ideal — mostly grain-based with not enough nourishing fats and animal protein. I thus developed a total of six cavities, three on each side of my mouth.

My old family dentist was very nice and I never had a bad experience in his office, but the more I learned about amalgam and TMJ while reading this blog, the more I was aware that this other dentist was not practicing dentistry good for the body. He filled up my cavities with amalgam, the “silver” (ahem, MERCURY) fillings and I had never given them a second thought until now… well, except for the occasional glance in the mirror and not really finding metal in my teeth very attractive.

I was able to attend most of the IAOMT seminars with Dr. Sperbeck and my eyes were opened to the schemes behind pro-mercury dentistry and things the AMA/FDA wants to hide from us for financial reasons. Immediately afterwards, we decided to remove my fillings because of their extremely hazardous effects on my health (and Dr. Sperbeck’s future grandchildren’s health!).

I have not noticed, thankfully, any major issues with toxicity since their removal. Want to hear how it went? Check out the next post!


Mercury-Free versus Mercury-Safe Dentistry

One quick thing I learned at the IAOMT meeting was the difference between mercury-free and mercury-safe dentistry. This is important for me to specify. Mercury-free dentistry is a good thing, but it only implies that materials and equipment a dentist is using don’t contain mercury.

What if someone already has amalgam (silver) fillings, bringing them into the office to be removed? Removal of amalgam fillings causes microscopic particles of mercury to be released in the air, and very careful measures must be taken so that inhalation or skin exposure is prevented. This is definitely the case in my office and with my staff; the term just needed specification. Mercury is extremely toxic and destructive to our health. Once it’s in your body, it’s very difficult to detoxify and remove all traces.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

Changes Are Coming!

This last weekend, I attended the IAOMT Silver Jubilee Annual Meeting seminars in Las Vegas, NV. I was overwhelmed with the amazing discoveries made lately about mercury-safe dentistry, and some pretty nifty gadgets were introduced. I was like a child in a giant toy store. There was so much to see and learn, and I was able to make some great connections that are going to bring even healthier, more efficient changes into my office. Keep your eyes peeled!

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles