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Mercury Buildup and the Body’s Response

If you’ve read my previous posts, which can be found here, you are now aware of¬†the research that’s been done on the substance of mercury being released from amalgam¬†fillings and how it will be absorbed into your body at the cellular level. I want to explore further how your body deals with this mercury invasion and why you might not immediately know that mercury is in your system and is affecting your body’s ability to function as it should.

The first thing to know is that your body is designed to function in amazing ways to protect you! In fact, your body will do its best to remove the mercury toxin that you’re putting into it if you have amalgam fillings. Two important antioxidants are glutathione (GSH) and alpha-lipoid acid (ALA). Both of these help to remove the mercury in your cells and detoxify your system, as well as having other purposes for your health. If you have amalgam fillings, both of these antioxidants are working inside of you daily, removing mercury from your system and protecting you. This is great news, but the problem comes when we see that the body’s ability to remove this mercury is depleted by removing it. Both GSH and ALA are produced by your body, but research has shown that more GSH is required to remove mercury than your body can create. Because of this, as these antioxidants are daily fighting to keep your system mercury free, they are depleting and their ability to remove mercury grows weaker.

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Post-Mercury-Removal Recommendations

Since it’s likely that the mercury levels in your body will quickly spike as your amalgam fillings are removed, you should consider paying special attention to your health (nutrition and diet, in particular) in order to supply your body with the best ammo for serious detoxing. I have the ability to refer you to nutritionists and health specialists. Pregnant/nursing mothers should not get the procedure done until they are neither pregnant (or trying to be) nor nursing. Those with known sensitivities to mercury should consult a doctor knowledgeable about mercury and its effects on the human body before attempting the removal.

Take special care of your diet before and after the procedure to help your tissues detox. Also pay attention to your physical health and alert your physician and/or dentist about anything negatively out of the ordinary.

As you can see, this is serious stuff! Mercury poisoning is no frivolous matter. Here are a few helpful links with content directed towards patients about the whys and wherefores of mercury and removing it.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

Nutrition’s Role In Dentistry

There is way too much information about nutrition’s role in dentistry to cram into one little blog post. However, maybe I can introduce a little more information to you that maybe you’ve never considered before.

Dentistry is all about teeth and oral health. Patients don’t usually show up expecting to hear dietary advice other than “Stay away from sugar. It will rot your teeth.” Yes, sugar is the number one preferred cuisine for the bad bacteria dwelling in your mouth, and it will definitely cause those bacteria to excrete acidic waste that causes cavities and infections. But that, in addition to brushing and flossing every day, surely isn’t the only thing to consider when looking out for the health of your teeth.

Your teeth are bones. How do you keep the rest of your bones healthy? Your teeth have nerves and blood vessels running through them. How do you maintain healthy nerves, blood, and nutrient levels? Your gums are soft tissues serving as protection and support. How do you take care of your skin and the rest of your organs and muscle tissue?

Endless cleaning and dental visits can actually do very little to build and preserve strong, healthy teeth that last well into old age. It’s like taking care of a car. You don’t merely wash it over and over again and expect that to keep it functioning for a long time. You have to go under the hood, getting to the machinery and the mechanics “behind the scenes.” That’s where you can ensure the car will run well.

Back to your teeth: what makes the biggest difference is nutrition! A healthy, strong body will give you healthy, strong teeth. Likewise, malnourishment will give you crooked, weak, painful, and vulnerable teeth. Thus, poor tooth health is an indication that the rest of your body is not faring well, either, and no amount of diligent cleaning will ensure lifelong resilience.

So the main idea to focus on is the fact that food itself coming into direct contact with your teeth is not what you should worry about (but don’t go munching on lemons every day, now). Rather, be mindful about everything you consume because you’re now looking out for your whole body, not just your teeth.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

Happy Hearts Day!

Well, it’s been a while, so what better place to pick back up than a holiday? Happy Valentine’s Day! Cheesy Hallmark holiday though it may be, enjoy yourself and the time spent spoiling — or being spoiled by — your special someone today.

However, don’t forget to spread a good dose of love and appreciation for your teeth, too. It is terribly cliche for me to warn you against the candy-popping and chocolate-chewing action presented on such an indulgent occasion, so I won’t. Don’t worry about it too much today; the guilt trip is coming tomorrow and the next day and the day after that… not really, but perhaps you’ll find my next several posts intriguing.

I’ll be writing up some informative entries on our health-centered dental approach, answering questions such as why we have set ourselves apart as “holistic,” or why we go to such great lengths in finding the best materials, machines, and technological advances in order to keep your oral health in the best condition possible. Why should you care about holistic dental treatment? What’s the difference between us and your local family dentist, and how, if at all, does it affect your health? What if your oral health has been poor for years, so you have just given up altogether or have become too embarrassed to seek help? Is there hope? (Preview: Yes! Of course there is hope!) Why do we push for higher standards? What’s all this talk about putting ozone in your mouth; quicker, healthier methods of implant installation; why “silver” cavity fillings are causing a myriad of diseases and poison problems, and how we deal with that; how a certain disorder can cause pain and injury to your entire head and neck; and how we choose to fix it? Why is nutrition such a big deal? Again, why should you care about any of this? A dentist is a dentist is a dentist, right? If my teeth look good to a highly educated professional, I’m in good shape, right? Right?

Proper — in the most healthful meaning of the word — dental care affects you more than you think. Answers are on their way.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


Holiday Greetings

It’s almost been a whole week since Thanksgiving, and I hope that most of you are no longer rolling around on full bellies — Christmas is just around the corner, you know! Make room for the next feast!

But hold on there just a second. While the holiday season is the prime time to enjoy some of the best food of the year, as your dentist (and, yes, I know I sound like Mom did when telling you to not eat too much Halloween candy at once), I must caution you to take care of your health. It’s more important this year than ever, what with all the sickness and disease spreading about; not to mention, your overall health shows in your teeth, too — even internal conditions you might not be aware of yet. Taking care of yourself now will also reduce the chances of catching bugs later all winter and next spring.

Plus, I’d rather everybody enjoy their splendid ends to this year OUTside of the dentist’s chair and doctor’s office. Agreed?

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles