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How to Use an Oral Irrigator

The typical Western lifestyle and diet have changed the state of general dental health around the globe. Our bodies aren’t so effective at self-cleaning anymore, and that includes our teeth. Does it not seem like they decay so easily? We devote multiple times daily to scrub the plaque out of our teeth and gums before infections set in. Our teeth and immune and detoxifying systems are weak and delicate.

Having a perfect dental hygiene regimen won’t always guarantee complete resistance to dental disease, but it is certainly the simplest and surest way to avoid it. Yes, it’s work.┬áIt’s easy and common for most people to compromise on the effort put into dental care. But simple, initial cleanliness can spare most people a lifetime of inconvenience, expensive treatment, and discomfort.

Oral irrigation is one extremely effective step you can take against most kinds of dental and gum disease. Done correctly, you will be amazed at how many particles of food you see washed out of your teeth even after you’ve brushed and flossed! It is a little more effort added to your oral hygiene regimen, but you will surely be motivated to keep using it once you see how much food is left behind in your mouth without it.

Here’s another little video to give you a rounder picture and a how-to:

I highly recommend investing in one of these simple appliances. It could make or break your body’s ability to prevent or heal dental infections.

Happy irrigating!

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


Conventional Dental Products: Why They Are Bad for You

We Americans tend to take our high standards of hygiene and the available hygienic products for granted. Think about it. Compared to the rest of the world, we are pampered with so many different commercial concoctions to keep ourselves tidy and smelling fresh. It defines our culture. We are dirty and unrespectable if we don’t use these chemicals to de-grease, de-hair, de-plaque, or deodorize our bodies.

The toothbrush aisle is quite a sight nowadays. As a lover of simplicity, I often question these kinds of presentations. Do we really need 30 different types of floss? 100 different toothpastes? endless “new and improved” toothbrush designs? Why is there still a need (at least they give us the impression of “need”) for newer, better, stronger products?

It is true that different people have different needs, different wallet sizes, different preferences, etc. I understand there is no one-size-fits-all. But I think we are spoiled.

What also bothers me is that we are “spoiled” with these things that are not good for our health.

Conventional dentistry fixes you up just enough so that for a while your teeth seem to work fine, but eventually a new problem will crop up and you’ll eventually need to go back. You are still dependent. That’s what keeps us dentists in business.

So I thought I’d share this.



The Philosoraptor can be clever sometimes.

I try to play it safe by supplying more natural dental hygiene products to my patients. We shouldn’t have to rely on foreign chemicals and substances when caring for basic hygiene. Those with poor dental health should take a look at the root of the problem — the health of the body and gut — instead of falling for the newest commercial product. For a truly lasting effect, your oral and dental health rely on your overall health, not tubes of minty who-knows-what.

Dr. Glenn Sperbeck, West Los Angeles