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Cosmetic Dentistry That Lasts

Cosmetic dentistry is the artsy part of dentistry — where we get to give your teeth makeovers. But cosmetic dentistry is more than just making your teeth look good on the outside. The beauty must go further than skin deep (er… enamel-deep…?). What if a crown or restoration conflicts with the way the opposing teeth bite against it? That seems like an obvious problem, but if you are not aware of how much a tiny adjustment can impact your entire jaw/head, then it is, in fact, an issue that must be approached with special care and consideration.

In most cases, though, it will be the restoration that shows signs of deterioration first. Cracking, chipping, even falling off altogether… and this may harm whatever natural tooth or tissues are bonded to this restoration. Pankey takes great care in training its dentists to take careful measures to ensure cosmetic improvements will also be functional and long-lasting. A little extra time and effort may go into forming a nicely fitted restoration, but the longterm benefits outweigh the initial installation process.

Perfectly colored or straight-looking teeth are only the tip of the iceberg!

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


TMJ and Cosmetic Dentistry

Are these two related at all? They are in some ways!

The biggest correlation between the two that comes to mind is TMJ ruining teeth or the alignment of teeth, therefore creating unsightly gaps, crookedness, chips, scratches, wearing, or even tooth loss. Cosmetic dentistry is to the rescue; but if these issues were caused by TMJ, they will continue as they have been and cosmetic repairs, such as implants or veneers, will be at risk for damage. TMJ may take a long time to treat, and it might be more practical to wait to “pretty up” until the root problems are solved.

However, if you have or think you have TMJ, always, always, always consult your dentist or a TMJ specialist before doing ANYTHING. It will save you great amounts of time, money, and hassle. Who knows? Maybe your case isn’t terribly severe and you can get that crooked tooth fixed faster than you anticipated! Yet if cosmetics are on hold because of undergoing surgery, the rewards of a beautiful, functionable smile are wonderful, even if you must wait a bit for the healing process to run its course.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


Veneers are an interesting option for improving the appearance of your teeth. There are many great advantages about veneers, yet some of their restrictions often cause people to search for other cosmetic enhancement options.

Veneers are almost like artificial teeth worn over your teeth. Hardy materials are customarily molded into the unique, perfect smile for you, and are permanently applied over your teeth. Veneers are permanent because the enamel on your teen must be sanded down in order for the veneers to function properly, and removing them is damaging to your real teeth.

Many advantages come with veneers, though, as their main purpose is to hide imperfections such as crooked, gapped, or discolored teeth. They are made out of a material that doesn’t change color over time and won’t even collect stains from coffee or tobacco. How long they last varies from patient to patient, even though they are made to be very durable and maintain good condition for many years. However, it is still best to ask your dentist how long yours would last if you are considering veneers for yourself.

You will also have to brush and floss regularly even though you have “fake teeth.” Keeping veneers clean helps them last longer. You will have to be careful because some foods aren’t recommended for you to eat if you have veneers, things like nutshells that must be cracked.

Veneers are great! Talk to your dentist for more insight to see if they’re right for you!

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

Teeth Whitening

Here in America, people are very concerned about the way they look. Well, that’s to all dentists’ advantage, because “imperfectly” colored teeth seem to be quite intolerable in our culture. Whitening teeth is extremely popular, probably because it can be done at the dentist’s office or conveniently purchased as an over-the-counter kit to be done at home.

Whitening your teeth is great if you are sick and tired of seeing — or other people seeing — your splotchy or discolored teeth caused by coffee, smoking, tobacco, or mere age. Now treatments are available even for people with very sensitive teeth, so don’t let that stop you from attaining that beaming grin!

It is recommended to talk with your dentist to discuss which method exactly will be best for you. Though these kits are easily available at the grocery or drugstore, leakages or irritation from improper use could lead to more serious complications. Whitening done in the office is often much quicker and safer than DIY kits, anyway, though your dentist may recommend a kit along with your whitening treatment for further enhancement of a lovely white smile.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Services

Cosmetic dentistry is different from bioesthetic dentistry, even though some aspects of each are similar (improvement of looks, for example). Bioesthetics concentrates on foundational anatomy of your mouth, with good looks and comfort resulting from treatment, while cosmetics is primarily beautifying the outward appearance of your teeth. Here are the most commonly practiced procedures of cosmetic dentistry: teeth whitening, bonded white fillings (I do not use mercury in any of my dentistry, and we are a mercury-safe office), veneers, porcelain crowns, and dental implants. I will go over each of these in more detail soon.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles