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Thoughts On Holistic Dentistry and Caring for My Patients

Holistic dentistry is fun. There is always something new to learn, some nifty gadget to discover, some way you can improve upon your practice. It keeps things interesting. It’s also a great feeling to know that you really are providing the best care possible for patients who, as you are more than aware, are entrusting a great deal of their care to you. They are not robots on whom you may just mechanically operate and send on their way; patients are people, and they should be treated as such.

This is another reason why I have chosen a holistic path: holistic dentistry takes the whole patient into consideration instead of isolating all ties to a particular medical or dental problem. Treatment involves health-promoting solutions, thus giving both the patient and doctor a great sense of security and well-being.

Bringing the best care to my patients is my passion. I hope my patients feel not only taken care of, but also happier, healthier, and more confident when they leave my office.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


Comprehensive Co-Discovery Examination

As postgraduates at Pankey, they teach us how to develop a comprehensive style of dentistry, which means a lot of time is spent gathering a patient’s information — dental history, past dental experiences, current state of oral health, questions/concerns/desires/needs, etc. — and forming customized solutions that cater perfectly to these factors. A patient may come in for a complete comprehensive examination to see where he/she stands orally. The patient is very involved in the process of discovering which kind of treatments or improvements are most wanted or needed; this allows both the patient and dentist to form a sturdy relationship, bringing a source of ongoing assistance and the best of dental treatment to the patient.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

The Pankey Institute

This institute is well-known in the dental field for its excellency and quality of continued dental education; namely, a school to refine dental skills and produce professional, well-rounded practitioners. We are trained to develop a comprehensive style of dentistry, treating each individual patient with the utmost care and concern, always on the lookout for his/her best interests and specific needs.

This comprehensive approach is what brings you the friendly, professional experience from the time you walk in the door and speak with the receptionist to when you exit with your long-lasting, functional pearly whites. Finding the balance between professionality, top-notch quality, and warm personalities in a dental office are important for bringing you the best dental experience possible, lasting for generations… and, in my practice, this is priority.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles