Our Environment

Located in the quaint downtown district of Westchester, look for the single-story, street level, urban black-and-white exterior on West 87th between La Tijera and Sepulveda, just north of the Los Angeles International Airport.


Our receptionist and account manager will greet you and extend an offering of fresh fruit and a beverage in anticipation of your appointment.

Have a seat in our newly remodeled office space where our cheerful, tranquil atmosphere puts you at ease. Our large sea aquarium adds an element of tropical whimsy and is many patients’ favorite feature.

The design of our dental space reflects the quality services we provide to each of our patients. The clean and simple, state-of-the art aesthetics of each dental room make for a productive, comfortable, and quiet experience.

We are your friendly neighborhood dental office. Please stop by or call (310) 670-6944 for an appointment.

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