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TMJ Treatment through Neural Therapy

Studies show that everyday millions of people struggle with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). It causes pain that disrupts daily life making basic activities a hassle when they shouldn’t be. I want to explain what TMJ is and why I offer neural therapy as a helpful way to control the pain.

The temporomandibular is the joint that connects the jaw and skull, allowing the mouth to open and close. TMJ may develop from teeth grinding, arthritis, or other related bad habits. Symptoms include pain/tenderness in the jaw, face, neck, shoulders, and ears; trouble chewing; chipping and loss of teeth; ringing in ears; and body aches. Treatment options include anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers, mouth appliances, and surgery. If you aren’t finding any of these helpful, another option to consider is neural therapy.

Neural therapy is a non-invasive, pain management treatment that begins with taking a detailed medical and dental history of the patient to determine the source of the pain being experienced. From there, injections of procaine and ozone (together called “prolozone”) are given into a carefully determined location on the body. Prolozone encourages healing in this area that has been hindered by a previous injury or scar, which are called interference fields. This is beneficial because it smooths out disturbances in the interference fields, allowing the body a chance to stimulate its healing process in an area where it was previously unable. Ozone injections are particularly helpful because ozone oxygenates tissue, improving circulation and activating the immune system. A treatment of one or more injections are given over a course of several weeks in order to allow for the body to heal properly and naturally. This treatment has been very influential in helping those who are struggling with TMJ, getting to the root of jaw and mouth pain.

If your TMJ is causing you pain and you aren’t satisfied with other treatment programs, I encourage you to consider neural therapy as a safe and effective way to control the pain and help your jaw function properly!

Dr. Glenn Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


Some of You Look Like This Sometimes


Does that scare you at all?

Happy Monday!

Dr. Glenn Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas to all my faithful readers! The office and I wish you and your families a wonderful, restful holiday. We will be closed to regular appointments through New Year’s, opening once again on January 5th. We look forward to seeing our patients once again in 2015.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

Back in Business

Hey, folks!

We reopened a little later than originally planned; but we’ve been up and running for just over a week now and, as always, we are happy to see all our patients again. We hope you like the “new” office!

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

Office Reopening Delayed

Hi, folks!

September 22, today, was our office’s scheduled reopening date after the renovating. If you’re on our e-mail list, you’ve probably heard the bad news: We’ve run into a few circumstances that are delaying reopening, but thankfully it will only be a couple more days of waiting. Wednesday, September 24, is the projected date when we’ll be up and running again.

Thanks for your patience!

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles