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Dental Implant Surgeries in Puerto Rico

This last month, I took yet another trip out to Puerto Rico for a couple weeks. My family and several other patients needing surgery all packed their suitcases and headed out with me, enduring the unbearable spring weather and mediocre tropical scenery. (I hope you caught the sarcasm.)

I have already booked my next trip to Puerto Rico and will continue teaching other dentists and implant surgeons how to perform dental implants using innovative techniques. At least eight other patients have committed to have surgeries performed on them this next time around, and we are looking forward to going back.

Need some kind of implant surgery done? Call us and see if you can make a vacation out of it!

Dr. Glenn Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


More Implant Dentistry in Puerto Rico

Last year I studied advanced implant dentistry in a nearly year-long course in Puerto Rico. I went back once for further education over Thanksgiving, and I am back again this week for some hands-on practice on my own patients (you may recall the notice I sent out). These patients are with me now, getting some work done while we dental implant surgeons hone our skills, and we are all enjoying a little time on the beaches.

If you are curious about dental implants, holistic or otherwise, I should direct you to my new website. You can read some information here that might answer a few basic questions. Take a look around.

Dr. Glenn Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

ATTN: Patients Needing Dental Implants

As you may know, I have been on a 33-year love affair with dentistry and learning. I have been taking a comprehensive surgical implant course in Puerto Rico under the guidance of Drs. Hilt Tatum and Jose Pedroza. I have been able to participate in very complex cases, some of which were for my own patients.

I would like to continue my education in this part of dentistry. I plan to incorporate dental implants into my practice from a holistic standpoint. I am searching for patients in need of dental implants who would be willing to travel to Puerto Rico to have them done. This is a wonderful opportunity not only for the installation of implants overseen by some of the most skilled implant surgeons in the world, but also for a tropical getaway conveniently scheduled during 2014’s cold season.

If you or anyone you know is interested, I will perform all the necessary exams, x-rays, photos, and models at no charge. This is approximately a $700 value.

What are the benefits of getting your implants in Puerto Rico?

  1. Dr. Hilt Tatum is world-famous and has invented many of today’s common surgeries. His expertise allows my patients to have a superior level of treatment planning and care. My patients who have already gone have had wonderful results.
  2. Dr. Jose Pedroza is an accomplished surgeon in his own right. His added experience rounds the program out.
  3. Your implant cost savings will typically cover the extra costs associated with travel.
  4. You will have a chance to visit Puerto Rico. Experience beautiful beaches, warm people, and great food.
  5. The surgical center personnel have a way that will make you feel welcomed and comfortable.

I am excited about this opportunity because I get to learn from the best, and you will receive the best.

Please contact me or my staff if you are interested.

My next trip is March 2-9, 2014.

Dr. Glenn Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

Improvements in the Realm of Dental Implants

If you recall the Puerto Rico MaxiCourse(R) schedule, maybe you realized that it ended in June. That was ten months of flying to Puerto Rico once per month, staying for almost a week each time, and continuing my implant education with rigorous hands-on training. Ten months is almost a whole year, and juggling a normal-to-heavy load of serving patients at the office the entire time was quite a task. Frankly, I am a bit travel-weary, but it was a great experience. I had many opportunities to perform implant surgeries utilizing innovative bone and sinus grafting techniques.

I do not typically jump straight to implants as the solution to my patients’ more serious dental problems. Many dentists and dental surgeons out there are implant-happy and would love to professionally recommend an expensive procedure. So in spite of the bright spotlight shining on this topic at the moment, I do not want to mislead you into believing I will recommend implants unnecessarily. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about opportunities to perform them, however.

I’ll give you a brief low-down on how it all works over the next few weeks. It will be nothing too lengthy or scientific, because you, my readership, probably don’t care to sift through a page of “Dentalese.”  Let’s be honest:  Besides other dentists, who genuinely finds dentistry captivating? Most people are scared of it. Hopefully, you’ll at least walk away with a little more knowledge and a little more motivation to take care of yourselves… and, dare I hope, less fear of going to the dentist.

Dental implants are not simply screwing in a new tooth and calling it a day. Many other factors must be considered comprehensively, such as how an implant will fit in an individual’s mouth, what angle is proper, whether the patient has sufficient bone to support an implant, what material the patient’s physiology best tolerates, the patient’s healing ability, and careful maintenance of a functional occlusion, among other things.

Modern implants have come a long way in the last 50 years. I have been performing implant surgeries for over 20 years, but only in these last few years, after attending an AAID convention in Las Vegas and completing the ADII MaxiCourse(R) in Puerto Rico, learning the most advanced techniques with state-of-the-art materials and equipment has added a powerful new element to my practice.  Current technology allows for the best implant results we have ever had in history. In the coming posts, I’ll give you some insiders on the things we can do now.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

P.S. I won’t run you off with videos of implant surgeries in process. I’m sure a written description or animations are enough.

P.P.S. If you’re about to visit YouTube out of curiosity, it’s at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Details on the Puerto Rico MaxiCourse(R)

In spite of being a solid four months into this ten-month AAID/ADII Puerto Rico MaxiCourse(R), I suppose I haven’t provided enough detail that would give you a thorough understanding of what I’m doing and learning in this course on dental implantation. Now that Christmas has come and gone, it is a good time to explain.

Not a lot of emphasis has been placed on dental implants in my practice. However, I’ve been performing complex implant surgery since 1989; it is nothing new. Since my dentistry is holistically driven, I typically take the approach that avoids, as far as healthily possible, highly invasive methods of dental correction and restoration. Implants are notably invasive — certainly necessary in many cases, but still invasive.

Nevertheless, since my focus is on implants right now, that does not mean I have turned from my non- or minimally invasive ways. Comprehensive and biocompatible dentistry is still the priority here. My surgeries are performed with the end in sight, taking every factor into consideration so the end result is as functional and beautiful as possible. This exciting, hands-on refresher class at the Advanced Dental Implant Institute (among a few other places) in Puerto Rico is where we’ll find the best-of-the-best instructors and methods of learning when it comes to fine implant work.

Dr. Pedroza and Dr. Tatum are primarily heading the course. These men are the real deal. The course is immensely practical and somewhat unique in that it is about 25-30% didactic (in-class education — the “boring” part, such as lecturing and discussion) and 70-75% surgery, the hands-on, “fun” part where the knowledge is demonstrated and practiced.

Sessions 1-4 are obviously completed by now, but here’s a glimpse of what’s going on till next June when the course ends.

Session 1: Sept. 13-16, 2012 (Thursday to Sunday)
Laying the Foundations 
Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. PedrozaDr. R. Giacosie, Dr. Sangiv I. Patel

* Session 2: Oct. 13-17, 2012 (Saturday to Wednesday)
Intravenous Conscious Sedation, Soft Tissue Management, Sinus Graft Surgeries
Dr. V. Cardona, Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Pérez,
Dr. R. Giacosie

Session 3: Nov. 12-17, 2012 (Monday to Saturday)
Sedation (Part II) and Basic Surgical Techniques
Dr. Daniel Becker, Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Giacosie

Session 4: Dec 5-9, 2012 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Principles of Bone Grafting and Segmental Osteotomies
Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Pérez, Dr. R. Giacosie, Dr. Sangiv I. Patel

Session 5: Jan 9-13, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Orofacial Applied Anatomy Related to Oral Implantology
D. W. Shankland, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Giacosie

Session 6: Feb 6-10, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Maxillary Sinus Augmentation Techniques
Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Giacosie

Session 7: Mar 6-10, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Non Root Form Implants
Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J . Pedroza, Dr. R. Giacosie

Session 8: Apr 10-14, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Occlusal Considerations and Advanced Restorative Techniques
Dr. H Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. A Blanco, Dr. R. Giacosie, Dr. Sangiv I. Patel

Session 9: May 8-12, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Advanced Surgical and Prosthetic Cases
Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Giacosie

Session 10: June 5-9, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Bringing It All Together 
Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Aponte

All these sessions total 360 hours of continuing education. That’s a lot! Juggling the normal office workload while giving one week per month to traveling and schooling has been tough — especially over the winter holidays — but will be a great investment in the long run.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your welcoming the New Year will be blessed,

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles